About This Site

Better Than Hex was created to inspire new color palettes for your design work, decor, and creative side. We pull complementing colors from beautiful imagery to create the perfect palette for you! The images we collect are property of their respected owners and many are found on Instagram.

Find the perfect color palette for your interior design makeover

Color palettes created for this website show a range of five colors from darks to midtones to lights.  When choosing a color theme for your interior space, we recommend selecting a midtone shade as your main color (think: walls), followed by a dark, light, and accent color for accessories and decor.

Choose a color theme for your design work

Hex codes are included for each of the color swatches. By using these color codes, you can easily implement a color palette into your web design, graphic design, or client work.

Submit your photo for palette creation

If you’d like us to feature a palette from your photo, please submit your images on Instagram using hashtag #BetterThanHex.

Enjoy, and have fun with color!!